Live Events

Our streaming services can be used for all kinds of live events, from concerts and fashion shows to sporting events and promotional activities.

Unique Media TV's high capacity streaming network automatically scales to meet audience demand, providing viewers with a clear and consistent video stream with no loss or interruption of service.

Consistency, Quality

We know how important it is to ensure that every element of your live event is the best it can be. We use the best technology available to put your event online, making it possible to stream your video at superb quality.

Live events

Respond to Audience Demand

Our fully scalable network passes the benefits of cloud computing on to you. Whatever your audience expectations, our streaming network will seamlessly scale to meet your bandwidth needs.

With a network that offers high capacity and reliability, you and your viewers will have a flawless streaming experience.

If you would like information or support for an event you can get in touch.

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